Our Mission

TheNaturalM.D.(TM) Medical Association is a non-profit* organization that believes in the correct nutrition to heal the body.  This organization helps individuals who want a natural approach to health and wellness.

The organization has goals of educating the public on how natural optimal health and wellness can be achieved when the body is provided with the proper amounts of nutrients.

The organization refers clients to independent natural wellness nutrition specialists who address the whole body approach to natural wellness.  Research studies show that optimal wellness can be achieved by reversing nutritional deficits, building the immune system, and balancing all of the glandular axes hormones naturally with the correct nutrition. 

Many clients often have difficulty affording any type of help to reverse their deteriorating status.   Poor health severely limits a person in all aspects of life, especially from making a living. We offer referrals for Functional Wellness Nutritional Consultations.   This non-profit* organization offers ways to offset the cost of a daily nutritional program.  (*Contact us for more information.)

TheNaturalM.D.(TM)Medical Association will provide fundraising services and donation drives that are desperately needed by our communities to promote healthy living.  Your donation will allow  help those less fortunate and will directly benefit your communities.

You can donate to our organization via PayPal.