The Mission of

The Natural Wellness Nutritional Association

TheNaturalM.D.(TM) Me​dical Association

This organization has goals of educating the public on how natural optimal health and wellness can be achieved when the body is provided with the proper amounts of nutrients.

Natural wellness nutrition specialists address the whole body approach to natural wellness.  Research studies show that optimal wellness can be achieved by building the immune system and balancing the glandular axes naturally through a highly individualized nutritional program. 

Many individuals want a natural approach to health and wellness but cannot afford care.  We offer referrals for Functional Wellness Nutritional Consultations, recommendations on daily natural nutritional supplements, and recommendations regarding a  specialized nutritional diet.  This  organization offers ways to try to offset the cost of a daily health and wellness nutritional program by offering lower fees for these highly specialized nutritional consultations and follow-up visits, and nutritional supplement sprays, which contain up to 40 ingredients and retail for 3 to 4 times the purchase prices for these unique formulas.

The Association will provide fundraising services and donation drives that are desperately needed by our communities to promote healthy living. Your donation will allow  help those less fortunate and will directly benefit your communities.

You can donate to our organization via PayPal.