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Natural Holistic Nutrition

A holistic approach to natural health involves providing the whole body with the proper amounts of nutrients.  Research studies document that disease develops from nutritional deficits, a deficient immune system, and glandular axes hormone imbalance. 

A very common complaint documented in the research studies is the onset of debilitating pain without any history of trauma.  Deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients can cause severe pain.  Research studies document pain reduction with the correct amounts of multivitamins and minerals along with balancing of the glandular axes hormones naturally.  Since debilitating pain often causes insomnia,  the correct nutrients will help calm the mind and body, and significantly improve sleep naturally.

The link above on Research Studies Document Natural Cures presents research studies proving the tremendous health benefits of nutritional supplements at the correct amounts.   However,  with oral supplements, the body only absorbs approximately 1 to 10%, at best.   Also, with this low absorption rate, it would be necessary to consume at least 200 plus oral supplements daily to get the amounts needed by the body for optimal health and wellness.  This often causes nausea and digestive problems.

TheNaturalM.D.(TM) Holistic Health Formulas were developed by specialists involved in the research of natural health solutions.   These topical spray formulas have high concentrations of nutritional ingredients with excellent bio-availability, which is far superior to oral supplements.   The topical spray solutions are massaged into the skin and absorbed by the bloodstream where they are carried to the tissues and glands.   These topical formulas are far superior to oral supplements because the spray formulas bypass the digestive enzymes in the stomach.

Natural Holistic Nutrition includes specific formulas of  water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential oils, plant extracts, glandular substances, OA-GcMAF, natural sulfur compounds, coconut oils, herbs, moisturizing oils, and more nutritional substances.  Many of the spray formulas have ingredients, which promote an alkaline environment in the body.  This is especially important for natural wellness.

The basics of an Holistic Nutritional Program should include:

1. TheNaturalM.D.(TM) Multivitamins and Minerals Spray

2. TheNaturalM.D.(TM) Glandular Care Spray

3. TheNaturalM.D. Amino and Herbal Sleep Spray

4. TheNaturalM.D. Complete Aminos Spray

5. More sprays can be added depending upon the nutritional goals.



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Due to the extensive number of  health and wellness benefits of each Holistic Health Nutritional Formula below, contact us before ordering.

Whole Body Spray:

For all types of skin irritation and inflammation, such as patches of rough, itchy red scales and blisters,  insect bites, joint and muscle pain, anxiety, body cleansing (anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral), hair growth, blood pressure support, and more.  It is best used along with the basic Holistic Nutritional Program documented above.

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Comprehensive Hair Care Spray:

Research studies document that the natural ingredients in this formula are as effective a minoxidil for hair growth.  This formula also increases melanin production in the hair to promote stronger, healthier, and more youthful-looking hair. 

  (Contact us for information on bulk discounts for this Formula.)

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CLA as part of theNutritional Program

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Complex Spray:

Research studies document that CLA resulted in weight loss by oxidation of fat, improved cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and stimulated macrophages ("eats" unhealthy debris) around adipose tissue.   The additional natural ingredients in this complex formula help to reverse adrenal fatigue, suppress appetite in healthy individuals, and reduce anxiety.


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Herbal Spray

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Amino and Herbal Sleep Spray:

Promotes deep sleep by reversing adrenal fatigue and normalizing the body sleep-wake cycles.  Research studies document that the natural ingredients in this formula help to lower blood pressure, which is needed to fall asleep quickly.  The human body needs at least 6 to 7 hours or more of sleep to function properly the next day.  This special formula will help you achieve a longer and deeper sleep.

Do not purchase Program until after Nutritional Consult.

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Complete Aminos Spray:

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Brain Injury Recovery Spray


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Cleaner and Disinfectant Spray:

Formula has 100% natural ingredients for cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces, including windows, countertops, bathroom surfaces, porcelain, and even wood.  It also can be used to clean fruits and vegetables before rinsing.

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Pet Care Spray:

Formula provides 100% natural non-toxic flea and tick control and helps to reduce skin irritation caused by scratching.  This formula helps with pet anxiety and hyperactivity by providing a number of natural ingredients including calming amino acids.  Pets are like humans and also need at least the basic Holistic Nutritional Program documented above to build the immune system and balance the glandular axes hormones.

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OA-GcMAF Spray:

This highly concentrated formula builds the immune system quickly and activates the macrophages to "eat" any debris that the body considers unhealthy. 


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Healthy Eye Care Spray:

Formula provides high concentrations of specific nutrients necessary to reverse aging in the eyes and produce sharper and clearer vision.  The formula is sprayed onto the neck, massaged into the skin, and absorbed by the bloodstream where it is carried to the eyes and other tissues.

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Multivitamins & Minerals Spray:

This unique formula consists of 40 water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins and minerals, which are absolutely necessary as one of the basics of an Holistic Nutritional Program as listed above.   The body needs these critical nutrients to build the immune system and help reverse aging.  This formula provides high concentrations of essential nutrients and is superior to any oral supplements.

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Glandular Care Spray


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Natural Hormone Rep​lacement

Natural Hormone​ Replacement Spray

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Bone Care Spray:

Formula contains high concentrations of nutrients for strengthening bones and connective tissues, reducing inflammation in muscles and joints, and decreasing pain.  Since pain can also occur from an imbalance of the  glandular axes hormones, it is best used along with the basic Holistic Nutritional Program listed above.


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Gray Away Spray

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Specialty​ Formula Spray


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