Functional Wellness Nutritional Consultations

 There is a direct link between proper nutrition and achieving whole body health and wellness.  We offer referrals to Nutritional Consultants and Functional Wellness Health Practitioners who perform a Whole Body Review and Functional Wellness Check to help determine your current nutritional status. 

This is a private Functional Wellness Nutritional Consultation, not a government/state medical consultation. Clients are referred to independent health practitioners (doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists) who believe in natural ways to improve health and wellness.  Clients are evaluated for a natural nutritional program, not for prescription medications (pharmakeia in the Bible).   Research documents that optimal health can be achieved with the correct nutrition, which reverses nutritional deficits, builds the immune system, and balances all of the glandular axes hormones naturally. 

The nutritional consultants do not dispense medical advice, diagnose an illness, order diagnostic studies, refer clients for surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, prescribe treatment with prescription drugs, nor recommend discontinuing any medications prescribed by your physician.  The nutritional consultants do not treat any medical illness.   The consultants offer nutritional recommendations only.

The natural health specialists provide nutritional counseling after a Whole Body Wellness Check.  Nutritional consultants provide valuable information on how nutritious foods, vitamins,  minerals, amino acids and other natural supplements, physical activity, and lifestyle changes will improve the quality of your life.             

These independent health practitioners are involved in the study of natural health research, and have extensive knowledge of how vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other natural ingredients improve health and wellness naturally. 

There is no physician-patient relationship.  The independent specialists provide independent nutritional consultations for education and counseling on how the right nutrition improves health.  Clients are required to sign a formal private nutritional wellness agreement for an independent nutritional consultation with a natural health practitioner. 

Referrals for independent nutritional consultations are performed via Skype, phone, or in-office.  If you choose an in-office visit, the address of the natural health practitioner will be provided when the appointment is scheduled.

The nutritional consultation will require prior approval with the Natural Wellness Nutritional Group after a potential client submits information about nutritional goals.

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There is a direct link between nutrition and achieving total health.  The proper amounts of daily natural nutritional supplements and an individualized healthy diet are essential to help improve health and wellness.