Functional Wellness Nutritional Consultations and Counseling

Only the Correct Nutrition Heals the Body.

  There is a direct link between proper nutrition and achieving whole body health and wellness.  Proper nutrients can help transform the body and reverse disease.  This statement is supported by medical research studies.  We offer referrals to Nutritional Consultants and Functional Wellness Health Practitioners who perform a Whole Body Review and Functional Wellness Check to help determine your current nutritional health and wellness status.  This is a private Functional Wellness Nutritional Consultation, not a medical consultation. We refer to nutritionists who are health practitioners that practice nutrition, not medicine.  Only nutrition builds the immune system and balances hormones naturally, which reverses disease.

Conventional physicians are not trained to treat the cause of a disease with nutrition.

Nutritional consultants and Nutrition M.D.s  have completed extensive additional research in natural ways to improve health and wellness, unlike conventional physicians.  Our nutritional consultants do not dispense medical advice, diagnose an illness, order diagnostic studies, refer clients for surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, prescribe treatment with prescription drugs, nor recommend discontinuing any medications prescribed by your physician. 

Our nutritional consultants provide nutrition counseling after a Whole Body Wellness Check.  Consultants provide valuable information on how nutritious foods, vitamins,  minerals, amino acids and other natural supplements, physical activity, and lifestyle changes will improve the quality of your life.  Research studies show that a nutrient-dense diet and the proper amounts of daily nutritional supplements (not RDA) will help reverse disease.

After a Whole Body Evaluation and research of the best nutrients for the client, an individualized natural nutritional program is developed based upon the clinical condition.  The nutritional program includes recommendations of specific natural nutritional supplements topical sprays and a highly individualized nutrient-dense diet to help achieve health and wellness goals.  TheNaturalM.D.(TM) Natural Nutritional Supplement topical sprays are a highly effective way to get nutrients into the body.  In fact, topical natural nutritional supplement sprays can be up to 1000 times more effective than oral supplements.  Only 1 to 10% of oral supplements actually are absorbed by the body due to breakdown of enzymes in the stomach and poor absorption by the stomach.

  Our health practitioners and nutrition M.D.s are involved in the study of current natural health research, and have the knowledge of how vitamins, minerals, amino acids, OA-GcMAF, etc. reverse disease naturally.  See the link above on Research Studies Document Natural Cures.

Follow-up Functional Wellness Nutritional Consultations may be necessary depending upon your specific health and wellness goals.  Contact us for more information regarding the fee for a private Functional Wellness Nutritional Consultation. 

There is no physician-patient relationship.  Our specialists provide nutritional consultations.

Call for information on referrals for Functional Wellness Nutritional Consultations/Counseling.

Consultations can be done via phone, Skype, or in-office in the Houston, Texas area.

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There is a direct link between nutrition and achieving total health.  The proper amounts of daily natural nutritional supplements (not RDA) and an individualized healthy diet are essential to help reverse disease.