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Holistic Health Collection Natural Nutritional Supplement Topical Sprays Reverse Nutritional Deficits, Build the Immune System, Balance the Glandular Hormones Naturally, and Detoxify the Body. 

Formulations of independent M.D.s.

Research studies prove the benefits of daily nutrients for optimal health and  wellness.  In fact, if a person does not consume the proper amounts of daily nutrients, this results in a deficient immune system, hormone imbalance, and poor health.

Research studies show that proper nutrition and natural nutritional supplements, are reversing disease.  See the link above on Research Studies Document Natural Cures.  

Processed​ foods, harsh chemicals, environmental toxins, injected toxins, artificial food additives, prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, smoking, daily stress, and the aging process can cause depletion of  the necessary vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in the body and disrupt the delicate hormone balance.

Modern farming techniques contribute to depleting vital nutrients from the food supply.  Unfortunately,  the soil is often not treated with essential minerals prior to planting the crops.  Also, if the crops are harvested too early, this contributes to lower amounts of nutrients in the food supply.  A nutritional health and wellness regimen will help prevent disease.

See the link above on TheNaturalM.D.(TM) ​​Holistic Health Collection Natural Nutritional SupplementsThese unique topical sprays provide essential nutrients to build the immune system and improve the nutritional health of the glands to correct the hormone imbalance naturally.  TheNaturalM.D.(TMproducts contain natural nutritional ingredients found in research studies. 

Following a healthy diet for your lifestyle and engaging in a personalized daily natural nutritional supplement program will help remove toxins from the body, improve energy, strengthen the immune system, balance the glandular axes, and provide a sense of peace to your everyday life.

The link above on Research Studies Document Natural Cures shows the incredible health and wellness benefits of Natural Nutritional Supplements.  However, oral supplements  are broken down by digestive enzymes in the stomach and are poorly absorbed by the body.  In fact, only approximately 1 to 10% of oral supplements are actually absorbed by the body.  

An excellent way to obtain necessary nutrients is through the skin. 

TheNaturalM.D.(TM) Natural Nutritional Supplement Topical Sprays have the correct amounts of natural nutritional supplements and are effectively carried through the skin and into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive enzymes.  These sprays have better bio-availability than oral supplements.

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The Functional Wellness Nutritional Consultations involve an evaluation of each client's nutritional status.  A whole body evaluation/wellness check is important  to determine the most appropriate nutrient-dense specific diet for the client with the goals of helping to strengthen the immune system and balance the glandular hormones naturally with nutrition.

The Holistic Health Collection Nutritional Programs consist of natural nutritional supplement topical sprays containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, glandulars, OA-GcMAF and other natural ingredients to build the immune system and balance the glandular axis naturally in the body. These topical sprays are quickly absorbed by the body and are much more effective than oral supplements; oral supplements are broken down by enzymes in the stomach and poorly absorbed by the body. The ingredients in these unique topical sprays help to improve health and wellness naturally. See the link above on Research Studies Document Natural Cures for the tremendous health  benefits of natural nutritional supplements.

The Holistic Cosmetic Collection  includes Healthy Skin Care Anti-aging Face Cream, Healthy Skin Care Foundation, Healthy Skin Care Creamy Blush, and Healthy Skin Care Loose Powder. These products contain natural ingredients that are non-toxic, help reverse the signs of aging, and provide a healthy glow. These products are formulated to provide natural wellness nutrition for your skin. Additionally, Specialty Skin Products are also being formulated to address any specific concerns in both men and women.